Yoga for Anxiety
Sundays beginning June 12

$12 per class

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

 Aiken Yoga Studio

116B Pendleton St. SW

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Yoga Therapy for Peace of Mind

Yoga is truly coming into its own as well known research communities and medical labs continue to confirm the benefits of yoga postures and breathing for mood management.  As a registered yoga instructor, as well as a master’s level therapist, Dana develops yoga programs for individuals and groups that support a reduction in anxiety, trauma, and overall stress.  Dana is also experienced with using yoga breathing and movement to increase energy for those clients learning to manage depression. It is important to note that no previous yoga experience is necessary to receive the mental health benefits of a yogic practice.  Most of Dana’s sequences are designed for first timers to yoga.  The purpose of introducing yoga as a mood management strategy is to do just that…help you find peace.  Dana does not expect you to place your leg behind your head!

A Calming Sense of Well Being

 Another question that comes up periodically is whether or not there is a spiritual component introduced during yoga therapy.  There is not.  The music used is typically from Dana’s own playlist full of well-known songs and songwriters.  Neither the meditations nor the instruction Dana offers has any spiritual bent.  Clients who have enrolled in Dana’s yoga workshops or participated in yoga during therapy have commented often on how much the practice helped their prayer life, if indeed, they came from a religious background.  Individuals who do not identify with a particular faith community find that this kind of practice helps them feel a stronger connection to something larger than themselves.  So, either way, you are in the driver’s seat.  Dana and the yoga simply serves as another way to help you achieve calm, to slow down racing thoughts, or take energy out of painful memories and self-talk.


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