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Mobile Mindfulness

On-site Employee Well-being Programs

Mobile Mindfulness, On-site Employee Well-being is designed to assist local business leaders and their employees by offering programs on stress reduction, time management, and employee well-being on the job site rather than losing travel time to meet in a presentation hall, or individually in a therapist’s office.

Many of the issues clients bring to employee assistance programs (EAP) are often work stress related. Most professional tension or conflict can easily be deescalated by learning more about how the brain receives and processes information, as well as how the body reacts to demands, deadlines and downtime.

P.A.C.E.©Procrastination, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Empathy

Dana created the P.A.C.E.© program specifically for corporations, manufacturers, and small business owners based on information gathered during individual and group therapy sessions over the last 15 years.  Keeping employees healthy and on the job is good for individuals, their families, their employers, and ultimately the community.  Dana strives to support all of these dear people through improved mental health.

Individuals participating in Dana’s presentations will leave with a variety of tools, strategies and perspectives that will facilitate easier, more productive work relationships.  These skill building sessions also give individuals a different way of approaching their own stressors outside of work.  When employees feel more at ease and empowered at home, their overall health and productivity at work will improve significantly.

As one participant put it, “Dana goes deeper than simply how to answer emails more efficiently or how to better schedule your day.  She explains why your brain jumps to conclusions and how to avoid taking things personally. It’s helped me to be more positive on the job.”  Healthier stress management skills and more empathic communication strategies reduce employee absences and increase productivity and job safety.

Dana’s presentations can accommodate most work environments and human resource needs.  Seminars can be as simple as a brown bag lecture.  Maybe employees would benefit from a continuing education workshop with hands on participation, including gentle yoga, meditation/mindfulness, art therapy, and/or role play. Dana can provide that, as well.  If your business is considering outsourcing its employee well-being incentives, Dana will work with personnel managers to design an on-going mental well-being program that can include regular meditation and stress reduction classes on site.  Dana is available for consultation with managers and human resource personnel, as well, as issues occur.


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